Fisher-Price Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo Review

If you want to make your baby happy and satisfied, then investing in some attractive toys might be a good idea. Such toys keep your baby distracted when you are not there to coddle them. 

You might be surprised to see your baby entertained with something other than you but what’s there to complain about when your baby is happy with their new playmates? 

Though what you can do is to research about the toys your baby will be playing with and make the right purchase. One suggestion that’s been doing the rounds a lot is buying an activity jumper for your little one.

They facilitate your baby’s movements and offer a range of toys to them. One such activity jumper is reviewed below to help you decide over your purchase.

Fisher-Price believes in appealing to the playful nature of your baby. Their core value is to spread smiles and happiness to families and lift your spirits with their exciting products.

They’ve been around for a while now and have extended their enterprise to newer lanes. Woodland Friends SpaceSaver is one of their most sought after product by people looking for the best baby jumper.


Interesting Toy Selection: The primary purpose of this jumper is to keep your baby preoccupied with their toys. That is why Woodland Friends SpaceSave comes with an exciting toy range that is guaranteed to do the job. 

It is common for babies to giggle over things that are colorful and make sounds. Keeping this in mind, Fisher-Space includes a piano with rainbow keys that makes some of the most pleasant sounds to entertain your boy.

If you are worried about your baby teething, then it has accounted for that as well by adding a teether in its design. Your baby won’t be satisfied with just one toy, then why not give it more than one. A little spoiling won’t hurt anyone, right?

Flexible Design: Are you worried about your baby grows out of things you bought for them quicker than a bullet train? Worry no more, Fisher-Space has made your life as a parent easier with their flexible design. It has four different settings that you can change once you see your baby growing in its size. Convenient, isn’t it?

Convenient Usage: Fisher-Space cares about its customer’s convenience and comfort, which is why the product is easy to clean. It has washable padding and increased portability with its flat fold design. You don’t have to stay indoors all the time, why not use a product that facilitates your outdoor adventures as well?


  • Washable seat padding
  • Safe to use
  • Increased portability
  • Flexibility in height adjustments
  • Dual light & sound settings


  • Limited toy range
  • Restricted bounce
  • Music and lights do not match with the baby’s jumping 

Bottom Line

Though we have mostly good things to say about this product that doesn’t mean there is nothing to complain. For instance, the toy range it offers lacks variety compared to other jumpers, yet it is still one of the best jumpers out there.