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I’m Natasha, the brain behind Best Baby Jumper Hub. I’m a mom, a cook, and a DIY enthusiast. I’ve been married for a long while now. I and my hubby initially decided not to have kids, but the baby rabies were beginning to set in after 3 years of no kids. Therefore, I decided to have one. Then I decided to have another…

I’m officially an expert on babies. It takes just one baby to make you one. I know all about what babies hate and love, how to take care of them, what toys serve them best, and more. My first kid is 5 years old, and my second is just a year old at the time of this writing.

I chose to start this blog to recommend some of the best baby jumpers to new moms. I have experience with some of them, and others are recommended based on reviews from friends and online users.

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Natasha Derek