Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea Party Baby Jumper Review

Parenting is not an easy job, especially when your baby’s interests are not defined. They want things that attract them, and it doesn’t matter what those things look like. They can be anything from a broken toy to a colorful ribbon. 

In such circumstances, you might wonder what to get for your little one that keeps them entertained and distracted while you attend to other matters. 

Activity jumpers are the newest trends that can kill two birds in one stone. They receive your baby’s excitement wholeheartedly and keep them amused for hours. (See the top 5 best baby jumpers here).

Introducing the Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea Party Baby Jumper

Evenflo has been around for over a century now and they strive to assist every parent that uses their products in one way or another. Evenflo ExerSaucer is an activity baby jumper series through which Evenflo has tried to help parents and also appeal to their baby’s wishes. 


Height Adjustable Design: Evenflo knows what problems a parent faces in their baby’s earlier days when the baby can’t walk or talk. The most common problem among them is not being able to use height-related products, and jumpers fall into this category. 

These are products specifically designed for your babies when they are in a growing stage, but no need to fret as Evenflo has made ExerSaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea Party adjustable to three different heights.

Physical Exercise: As stated earlier, the growing stage of a baby is fragile, and if their needs are not attended to, then this process might be hindered. Evenflo understands such peculiarities and hence they’ve designed their Sweet Tea Party baby jumper as per a growing baby’s physical needs.

It facilitates your baby’s wiggling legs and makes sure that your baby’s muscles are developing correctly. 

Develops Mental Capabilities: The development of a baby’s mental skills is as important as their physical capabilities. Evenflo knows that well. They have included toys and activities that can stimulate your baby’s learning capabilities as well as keep them entertained. 

The toys it has included facilitate your baby’s motor skills and makes them aware of their every action as they learn the repercussions of their every move. The colorful and uniqueness of each toy enables them to identify different colors and recognize patterns in the available activities.

Convenient to Use: If you are not a fan of cleaning, then this baby jumper might be the most suitable product to buy for your baby. It has a removable bouncing pad that you can easily wash in the machine or by hand. No need to see your baby bounce around in a dirty jumper just because it requires effort for you to clean. 


  • Facilitates mental development 
  • Accommodates physical learning 
  • Easy to clean
  • Enough room to explore


  • Size restriction
  • Sharp plastic edges 
  • Unsafe

Bottom Line

If you want your baby to learn new things while playing around, then this product is for you. But be aware of the sharp edges mentioned in the cons.