Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Door Jumper Review

There’s nothing babies love more than wanting to move their arms and feet around. It’s not only a way for them to satisfy their curiosity but it also helps them gain control over their muscles. This is why it’s so important to encourage this rather than letting your baby sit or lie down all day.

Door jumpers provide an excellent way for you baby to channel their excited energy while also having fun. Having a good quality door jumper in your home is important to ensure that your child will enjoy getting into it and it will be safe for them. We’re going to be taking a looking at a door jumper that does just that; the Disney Baby Door Jumper, Minnie Mouse edition. 


The Disney door jumper is designed in the perfect way for your little baby girl to play in. True to its name, the door jumper comes in a Minnie Mouse based visual aesthetic. The whole baby jumper is dressed in light pink with accenting colors here and there. (See all the best baby jumpers here)

What completes the design is the big Minnie Mouse head on the pouch of the seat. The seat fabric has the same pink and white polka dot pattern that Minnie the Mouse has on her dress. You’ll also find that Minnie’s bow and ears are 3D crinkle fabric that your toddler can play with. This creates a very unique and fun looking door jumper for your baby.


Aside from the attractive Minnie Mouse design, you’ll find that this door jumper has a lot of features incorporated into it. The entire door jumper is very lightweight thanks to its frame design. This makes it extremely easy for you to transport it and store it anywhere you want. But despite being lightweight it has a pretty decent weight tolerance of 15 pounds which is good enough for most babies. 

The best feature about this door jumper is the fact that it has adjustable straps on them. This makes it easy for you to adjust the height of the jumper according to your preferences. This makes it easy to fit in nearly all kinds of door frame lengths. It also adds versatility whether you want your baby high off in the air or if you want them to be closer to the ground. 


The Disney Baby Door Jumper provides a great level of fun and enjoyment for your baby. They can enjoy moving around, bouncing, and swinging to their heart’s content. The iconic Disney character design is sure to excite them into playing. 

This door jumper has a very comfortable seat padding which will keep your baby happy without damaging their delicate skin and muscles. The door clamp is very sturdy and can fit easily into almost any door frame. You can easily let your baby play in the jumper safe with the knowledge that they’ll be secure in there.


With great combination of features and cute character design, this door jumper is sure to keep your baby happy, energetic, and excited for their play sessions.