Bright Starts Playful Parade Door Jumper Review

If you want to buy something exciting for your baby instead of the same old toys, then rethink your baby’s preferences and choices. Is your baby always hyperactive and loves to crawl around the house?

As tiring as it may be, you must not restrain their learning capacity. Give them the freedom that is essential for them to grow up as a happy and healthy baby. You should also try to the best of your capabilities to facilitate their learning abilities with the right stimulation and activities.

Activity jumpers are one of the many things you can do to ensure that your baby’s learning process isn’t hindered in any way.

Bright Starts has put a spin over the old activity platforms and jumpers with their latest best baby jumpers. If you are not new to parenting, then you might have heard about them as the best brand for your baby.

They always cater to the comfort of their users and makes sure your baby is thoroughly entertained and happy while in the care of their products. Their sole mission is to provide a safe and exciting environment for your baby.

What more can a parent can ask for?


Easy to install: Bright Starts has always tried to produce products that are fun yet not new to some. The door jumper is an old idea, but no one has done it like Bright Starts! They have improved on the design and made it comfortable for a small baby.

The mechanics to install this product are easy and convenient, and anyone with little know-how of product assembly can do it quickly! 

Safe to use: Some people might consider a door jumper dangerous, but Bright Starts has ensured that all such claims bite the dust. They have taken enhanced safety measures to guarantee the safety of your little one. There are no fancy tools that you need to get past to use this product.

It is easy to install and safe to use, which is more than what many of the door jumpers can offer for your baby.

Hypersensitive to movement: Bright Starts Playful Parade door jumper is designed to align with your baby’s every move. It doesn’t matter how playful and hyperactive your baby is, Playful Parade door jumper is hypersensitive to their barest movements.

It makes sure that your baby’s jumping is facilitated enough to keep them excited!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to store
  • Portable
  • Suitable for all doors
  • Quick installation


  • Lack of toys 
  • Weight restriction

Bottom Line

Bright Starts has outdone themselves with their Playful Parade door. If you want to make your little one to work those tiny legs, then buying this door jumper is the best you can do for them. 

Playful Parade door jumper is super sensitive to all your baby’s movements and wiggles and facilitates their every movement to keep them entertained and preoccupied. The distraction they provide is so captivating that your baby won’t feel the lack of toys that seem to be the only drawback of this door jumper.