Skip Hop Explore & More Baby Jumper (with Bouncer Counter) Review

The early days of your baby’s life are crucial for their development. It is the prime time for their muscles and brain development, and they understand the basic functionality of their body. 

This is the perfect time for you to think about the ways to facilitate their healthy upbringing. Most parents actively look for learning activities and educational toys to prepare their babies for their practical school life. 

But there is one thing that outweighs all the other toys, and that is an efficient activity jumper. If you are familiar with the product, then you might know how it can solve most of your parenting problems instantly. (See the top 5 best baby jumpers here).

Introducing Skip Hop Explore & More Baby Jumper

Skip Hop is more than just a company that manufactures quality activity jumpers for your baby. They are an established brand that have built its reputation after decades of hard work. Their reach of expertise is varied, and they are the go-to company for most parents whenever they want to buy something for their baby.


Developmental Activities: Skip Hop prioritizes your baby’s entertainment and development above everything else. It is because of this very reason that they have merged these two concepts to fashion their new product, Explore & More Baby Jumper. 

This jumper offers more than 20 fun and learning activities to your baby, which not only keeps them distracted but excited as well. It further makes sure that your baby is enjoying their time while lounging in this jumper. 

Moreover, the concept of learning is fully implemented with the toys hanging around which your baby can access through its 360-degrees swivel. 

Certified for Safety: Explore & More Baby Jumper is designed while keeping some of the most common parent concerns on the desk. There are no sharp plastic edges and screws sticking out of it to scratch or harm your baby’s skin. Furthermore, it has an apt bounce landing that can cushion the rebound of your baby efficiently.

Skip Hop is unrivaled when it comes to safety and caution as they have followed ASTM F20210 Safety Standards to manufacture this jumper. Its safety claim is further certified by JPMA.

Advanced Functioning: Skip Hop Explore & More Jumper offers ten times more fun than any other jumper. Apart from adding the essential glam of a jumper with colorful lights and pleasant music, it tracks your baby’s every jump and rewards them with a celebratory applaud once they reach 100 jumps.


  • Usage tracker for parents
  • Easy to store
  • Certified
  • Advanced activity operation


  • Lack of durability
  • The strap cannot support your baby’s weight


Although this jumper from Skip Hop has been certified for its safety, it lacks in strength. For instance, its strap cannot efficiently support your baby’s weight and might break at some point. This is the only drawback in this product but is one that you should consider before purchasing.