Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Baby Jumper Review

Parenting is hard, especially when your young ones’ curiosity is unparalleled compared to other kids of its age. Buying activity and educational toys are the most convenient way to direct their energy towards something productive.

But let’s not give up on the fun of it all. Your baby is beginning to sit up, and you might want to facilitate its growing process through a fun distraction. 

An activity jumper with colorful toys is the perfect way to keep them preoccupied and out of your hair. 

But let’s not move ahead in haste and buy any activity platform you come across. Thorough research and reviewing might help you make a better purchasing decision; hence, this review might be enlightening for some. (See all the best baby jumpers here)

Introducing the Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper

Disney has always been keen on making your kid’s childhood memories everlasting. They’ve been part of not only your childhood but maybe of your parents’ youth as well. They have introduced endless characters that kids adore and love, and one such character is Minnie mouse as well. 

This character quickly became a fan favorite though it was created especially for the young baby girls. That is why Disney has introduced a variety of Minnie toys and merch that is hard to account for here. One such product is Minnie Mouse peekaboo activity jumper. 

Main Features

Minnie Inspired Toy Selection

Its name is quite self-explanatory as it tells the buyer the targeted niche of this product. It is perfect for your baby girl of around six months as Minnie’s character inspires all the toys. It has 12+ activities that are enough to keep your baby happy and giggling.

Comfortable Rotation

Since all the toys are looped around the activity jumper at 360-degree, then it is only sensible to design its seat as such as well. Your baby doesn’t have to miss their playtime with any toy or activity because of the access limitation as this activity jumper can rotate at a 360-degree. 

Not only this, there are empty loops left for you to customize the activity platform as per your baby’s choice.

Advance Electronic Functioning

Disney has taken the activity jumper game one step ahead by introduced electrical toys in its activity jumper as well. It mimics the sound of Minnie’s voice, and other playful sounds often heard in cartoon also. 

The advanced functionality of the toys can capture the attention of your baby instantly. 


  • Washable seat padding
  • Minnie themed toy selection
  • 12+ fun activities 
  • 360-degree swivel


  • Age-restricted functionality
  • Lack of height adjustability
  • Customized for girls only

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a personalized activity jumper for your baby girl, then Disney might have made this product just for you. It is designed to keep your baby interested and entertained for long hours. All the toys are Minnie themed, and it also replicates her voice, which can be a big plus for a Minnie fan.

It might cause some inconvenience for you though, as it lacks the height adjustability feature and is rigid in its recommended age bracket.