Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo Baby Jumper Review

Fisher-Price is a name to trust in the world of baby jumpers. This baby jumper is the rainforest variant, and it does pack a punch (it’s one of the best baby jumpers). Don’t take my word for it, though. Read on and decide if it’s worth the money to give your baby some of the best childhood moments they will experience.

Whether it is for a moment, 5, 10 or 15 minutes, this rainforest baby jumper is a safe place to keep your baby seated. It’s also a place where your baby can have seemingly endless fun and playtime (at least that’s what your baby thinks until playtime is over). Babies love things that dangle. You can see the excitement and smiles on their faces as they watch and try to touch/catch things dangling above them. So, what if I told you that this baby jumper has exactly those? There are two soft leaves that extend from the frame which are designed to hold toys. These soft leaves don’t just create an overhead canopy, they create the perfect conditions for the hung toys to dangle and give your baby lots of batting fun.

Custom fit this baby jumper to your baby using the three-position height adjustment and you’ll have nothing else to do than to watch your baby get immersed in the fun, rotating themself in the spinning seat. As far as safety goes, this baby jumper has some safety measures put in place to protect your baby. One of them is the soft spring covers on the rotating seat that keeps their fingers from pinching.

As playtime begins, toys at five different locations on the jumper keep your baby entertained with tons of interactive play no matter what direction they spin in. There’s also an electronic toy in front that lights up, plays music, and moves. The toy is activated when your baby spins a drum. If you feel like letting your baby play continuously with no interruptions, just activate the 4-minute continuous play option.

When it’s time to store or move this baby jumper, you can do so easily thanks to the frame which pivots into a nested position for easy tucking away when not in use, or folds for moving from one room to the other.

Since this is a rainforest jumperoo, you can expect to see animals like a swinging monkey, a hanging parrot, a bobbling elephant, a tiger that plays hide and seek, and more all integrated for your baby’s pleasure.

Jumping, spinning, and moving in this jumper all contribute to your baby’s development by enhancing their large motor skills. The bright colors and fun music enhance your baby’s auditory and visual senses, and the rainforest toys offer tactile stimulation. The act of grasping toys improves their eye-hand coordination, the educational system helps your baby learn through discovery, and your baby gets to understand cause and effect as they see the result of their actions while interacting with the toys.

This review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the motion sensor. The motion sensor senses your baby’s movements and when they jump, they get rewarded with sounds and lights.

Main Features

  1. The seat does a complete 360-degree spin and keeps your baby discovering new toys as they spin.
  2. Your baby can jump safely thanks to its sturdy steel frame.
  3. There are three height adjustment positions designed to adapt to your baby’s new sizes as they grow.
  4. Machine washable seat pad
  5. Peek-a-boo tiger, rattle lizard, spinner drum, and other features keep your baby busy.

User Review

It is worth every bit of money we paid for it. Sometimes, I joke with my husband that I would have gladly paid hundreds of dollars for it. My 5-month old daughter loves jumping in it. When she gets tired of jumping, she plays with the toys.