Fisher-Price Jumperoo – Pink Petals Baby Jumper Review

Are you struggling with handling your little ball of energy? Do you want to keep them entertained so that you can do some house chores or paperwork? If yes, then here’s an idea to make that a reality and that is to buy the right product or toys for your baby!

Buying something that can not only facilitate your baby’s imagination but accommodates their growing body stature is a purchase worth your every penny. Activity jumpers are the products that can do both and are the perfect distraction for your young one. 

Fisher-Price’s products are a source of happiness to many parents and their babies. They have been here for a generation, and they continuously improve to show a better side of themselves with their new products. 

Fisher Price’s priority has always been to lock that smile on your baby’s face permanently, which is why they keep experimenting with their latest products. Jumperoo’s pink petals (one of the best baby jumpers) is one such product that is bound to make your baby girl smile.


Exceptional Safety and Sturdiness: With this product, Fisher-Price prioritizes your baby’s safety more than anything else. They have designed Jumperoo’s Pink Petals in such a way that your baby’s movements will not throw it off its balance. 

The material used to build this activity station is durable and can easily handle your baby’s hyper energy without breaking apart. Fisher-Price knows how important it is to accommodate a baby’s movements to enhance their learning and productivity at a young age. No baby likes to be bound to a retrain without freedom of movement.

Convenient Adjustability: Your baby is growing, but you are worried about all the money you’ve spent on such items that will not accommodate your baby anymore. Fisher-Space has the perfect solution for such a dilemma with its flexibly designed jumper. 

It offers four adjustability settings that you can alternatively use as per the situation. Once you put your baby in this jumper, you can trust the product to keep them safe and entertained for hours.

Easy to Use: If you are hesitant about buying this jumper, then this feature might convince you to buy this. The product can be easily washed in a washing machine without losing its original glitz. In other words, your baby will face no health hazard while using this jumper.

Aside from this, your baby won’t have to give up on playing with the toys behind them as the seat of this jumper can be rotated at a 360 degree which means more room for your baby to play around.


  • Safe to use
  • Machine washable
  • Increased durability
  • Easy access to all toys


  • Customized for girls only
  • Limited bounce in the jumps

Bottom Line

Fisher-Price Pink Petal Jumperoo is the best gift for your baby girl as it is designed to entertain the mind of a baby. The colorful contrast and toy range are creative enough to entertain your baby’s imagination. Furthermore, you can easily wash the seat padding of this jumper so you can rest assured about your baby’s health.