Fisher-Price Animal Wonders Baby Jumper Review

Want to watch your baby play with a swinging panda? How about a lion slider? Nothing but absolute fun is what awaits your baby when you make the decision to get this baby jumper for them. One thing babies can’t take their eyes off is animals. They love watching animals play- they love playing with animals too, whether they be toys or real pets. So, a baby jumper that includes fascinating animal toys is always going to be eye-catching to babies. Think you’ve read about it all? Just keep reading.

An alligator with a rattle roller, a froggy teether, and a light-up chameleon that responds to a motion are just some of the delightful animals your baby gets to play with in their little wonderful world. Since the seat does a complete spin, it’s fun wherever your baby turns. The hands-on activities included in this jumper will keep your baby tirelessly entertained, and it’s going to be more fun than you expect as they keep making new discoveries inside the jumper.

Imagine how dull it would be if your baby jumped and nothing happened? Maybe not so dull, but the lights and music in this jumper makes every jump so much more exciting and rewarding. And when your baby is done with playing in the jumper, they can continue outside the jumper thanks to the two removable toys on the jumper.

Noticed an extra inch to your baby’s height? No problem. Simply increase the height of the jumper and your baby fits in perfectly again. Your baby will be so grateful for the softness of the seat pad on this jumper, and you’ll be so grateful not just for the softness, but for the fact that it is easy to clean and washable as well.

The best baby jumpers provide a complete workout for your baby. All that jumping doesn’t just amount to fun. It’s healthy exercise that grows your baby’s gross motor skills, and the lights and music offer additional benefits such as stimulating your baby’s senses. Unfortunately, this baby jumper cannot be folded for storage, so you’ll need to have sufficient space for storage as there’s no way to reduce the amount of space it occupies when not in use.

Overall, this is a great baby jumper for the price. If you’re considering buying this one, you’re not making the wrong choice.

Main Features

  1. Sounds, music, and bright lights encourage more jumping, so your baby gets more out of each session.
  2. Lots of colorful animal toys to play with and 2 removable ones for continual play outside the jumper.
  3. The seat pad can be removed and washed in a machine.
  4. Music can be turned off completely. The volume can also be lowered or increased.

User Review

My son was about 4 months old when I bought this baby jumper. He didn’t really do much with it in the beginning, but everything changed when he got to month 5. Now he literally wants to spend the entire day in it. He’s always been super active and this jumper gives him lots of things to do with all that energy.