Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Step ‘n Play Piano Review

Press the piano, enjoy the amazing sounds, laugh, and have fun. That’s the order in which it all happens with the Fisher Price 4 in 1 step and play piano entertainer. This is another baby entertainer from Fisher Price that is sure to give your baby endless fun, but it promises more fun than the average baby entertainer.

This baby entertainer is designed to give your baby all round fun, both physical and musical. As your baby presses on the piano, your baby’s gross motor skills and coordination improve with each press. It comes with a hand and a feet keyboard, which means the piano fun never stops, whether your baby decides to focus more on stepping or tapping on the activity center, or both. (See all the best baby jumpers here)

The 20 fascinating toys and activities included in this entertainer enhance playtime even more. So, if your aim is to get your baby to tire out and fall asleep, there’s probably no better or easier way to achieve that than to let them play in this jumper if you own one. And when you make that easy decision, your baby has the choice of playing in 4 different ways.

The first play mode is lay and play. You simply need to remove the soft play mat and let your baby knock themself out. The second play mode involves putting your baby in the entertainer and just allowing your baby play and have fun with the 20 toys/activities in the entertainer. The third play mode entails using the stationary walker, which helps your baby learn to walk faster, and the fourth play mode is the activity table, designed for babies that have outgrown the standard entertainer and can now stand and walk on their own.

The presence of the activity table means that this baby entertainer grows with your baby. However, the structure is not the only thing that grows with your baby. The music does too. You can choose from 3 music modes depending on what your baby prefers as they grow older. There are long play, short play, and baby makes the music options to choose from as a parent. The light-up drums also provide visual stimulation to go along with the audio stimulation from the music and piano.

This baby entertainer is meant for 6 month-old babies or higher. There’s an older version of it that has a somewhat different design. This version is the latest one and it has been improved in crucial areas. For example, the foot piano is more pillow-like than in the previous version, so it will likely be more comfortable for your baby. The functionality of the foot keys haven’t changed as they still play music when pressed, just as in the previous version.

Unfortunately, it would have been great if this entertainer bounced like a regular jumper, but it doesn’t do that, even though it is designed like one. Therefore, yes, this can still function like a jumper and your baby can still jump in it if they want to, but this is not really a baby jumper and it won’t encourage your baby to jump, nor will it bounce your baby. However, it’s still a great product to consider.

Main Features

  1. The large, soft keyboard keeps your baby moving to the beat with every step.
  2. The light-up drums provide visual stimulation to complete the piano’s audio.
  3. Fine motor skills improve with every press on the hand keyboard.
  4. Sliding music note clickers.
  5. Three music modes and songs to aid with early learning.

User Review

My baby loved this entertainer. Then he grew into a toddler and still loves it. This is a great toy for your baby, and it grows with your baby too.