Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center Baby Jumper Review

If you are looking to make a profitable investment as a parent, then buy something that can stay with your baby for a long time. But longevity should not be the only standard for you to make a purchase and you should account for utility as well.

Most parents purchase toys for their babies on a whim and do not consider the variables that might help them to bag a fetching deal. Why invest in something that your baby will not pay mind to as they grow up?

That is why activity platforms and baby jumpers are the best baby products in terms of positive yielding investment. Most of the best baby jumpers have an adjustable height feature that grows with your baby and keeps them preoccupied.

One such activity jumper’s review is given below for your guidance.

Introducing Fisher-Price Spin ‘n Play Safari Baby Jumper

Fisher-Price intends to add something new and exciting with their new products every time. They take inspiration from your baby’s imagination and makes their time spent with Fisher-Price’s products worthwhile.

Their sole purpose is to keep your baby happy and refreshed all the time while attending to their growing body’s needs. Spin ‘n Play Safari is one such product that sticks to the ideals of Fisher-Price with their remarkable features.


Dual Playing Function: Most jumpers are mostly for babies who can stand but Spin ‘n Play Safari can be used by babies that have just started sitting up. It can change its appearance and functionality according to the baby’s physical needs. 

For a baby who can only sit, it can turn into an activity station without the legs. Once your baby starts wiggling their toes and crawling, then you can change it into a standing activity station that helps in the development of your baby’s leg muscles.

Convenient Operation: Aside from the 2-in-1 sit-and-stand feature that can be easily changed from operation one to two, this jumper has other services as well. For instance, you can easily remove the legs whenever you want to store the jumper. 

Moreover, it is designed in such a way that your baby has to put in little effort to access all the toys on the platform. Such convenience is facilitated by the 360-degree access of the Spin ‘n Play Safari.

Comfortable Seat Pad: Fisher-Price makes sure that your baby is feeling comfortable while playing around in this jumper. The seat pad is made from 100% polyester, which means you can wash it when it gets dirty.


  • Easily washable
  • Music plays for 20 minutes 
  • Removable legs make it convenient for storage


  • Limited adjustability 
  • Lack of bounce

Bottom Line

If you are tired of buying new toys and crawlers for your baby after every few months, then look to the Fisher-Price brand that has come forth with its exceptional jumper design that facilitates not only a small baby but a growing baby as well.

Once your baby starts standing up, it will be only a matter of a couple of months before they grow out of this baby jumper. Until then, this is all what your baby needs.