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So, you want to get a baby jumper for your baby? You’ve landed on the right page. Before I show you which ones are worth the money, let me tell you a bit about what your wonderful baby stands to gain from what you’re about to purchase.

Jumperoos, also known as baby jumpers or bouncers, are one of the most common baby products on the market, and they are designed for baby girls and boys. They benefit your baby in the following ways:

1. Baby jumpers are primarily designed for fun activities and entertainment. In the process, your baby can move their legs, hands, and other parts of their body in a natural fashion. This translates to physical exercise which can help in developing your baby’s leg muscles and strength, while keeping them healthy.

2. A jumper can help your baby walk better by helping them develop pre-motor skills fast. During all that bouncing and jumping, your baby learns how to put all their weight on the lower part of their body and maintain balance.

3. Jumperoos can keep your baby occupied for a long time due to the number of fun and entertainment options crammed into them. This leaves you time to work on other things while your baby plays, requiring little supervision.

4. They help your baby sleep better. Exercise equates to quality sleep for your baby, the same way it does for you.

5. Jumpers provide mental stimulation and help your baby learn faster, differentiate between colors, enhance their visual/auditory senses, and more.

I could go on and on. The benefits are so many. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me show you the baby jumpers you should be considering buying in 2020.

The Top 5 Jumpers to Buy

1. Fisher-Price Animal Activity Jumperoo

This cool baby jumper from Fisher Price is one jumper you wouldn’t want your baby to miss out on experiencing. With its 360-degreee spin seat and the entertaining animal activities available on it, your baby is sure to go wild with excitement. Just imagine what your baby could do with a froggy teether, or a lion slider, or an alligator. It’s fun in the animal world with this jumper.

The excitement never stops as your baby is rewarded for every jump they make with pleasant and fun lights, sounds, and songs. What does your baby stand to gain from all of this aside from tons of fun?

  • Sensory development: Your baby’s senses are still in the early stages of development and will need all the help they can get. The sounds and bright colors help with that.
  • Muscle development: The very act of your baby jumping, reaching, balancing, and playing in a jumper like this is like a gym workout. These activities strengthen your baby’s fledgling muscles.
  • Healthier baby: Your baby stays in top shape, both physically and mentally.

Main Features

  1. All round 360 degrees of play. Any direction your baby turns in, there’s something to play with.
  2. The height can be adjustable to accommodate changes due to growth.
  3. Activities are rewarded and encouraged with lights, sounds, and music
  4. Lots of colorful toys to play with
  5. The seat pad can be removed and washed in a machine.

2. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper

If you’ve ever delved into the world of baby jumpers, you’ve probably heard of the name ‘Baby Einstein’, a popular brand in the space. This height-adjustable jumper from the same brand is currently one of the best selling ones on the market. This is an ocean-themed jumper that provides a gateway to deep sea exploration for your baby using underwater images.

Your baby can rotate in 360 degrees , jump, and stretch their legs with ease from the jumper seat while playing with all the fascinating toys – a starfish holding a self-discovery mirror, a crab spinning inside a clear ball, an octopus paddle toy – and flash cards displaying real images of the deep sea to boost your baby’s vocabulary.

There is a removable sea turtle activity center which supports English, French, and Spanish Languages. This activity center is designed to help your baby discover colors and numbers in the aforementioned languages, and it can be customized with your baby’s favorite toys.

Parents who own this jumper can sit back and watch their baby dance and jump on the baby bounce chair that comes along with this jumper, therefore strengthening their leg muscles and improving their overall health.

Main Features

  1. Easy to adjust height in four positions
  2. 360-degree ocean-themed discovery and activities for your baby
  3. Bouncy seat rotates to keep your baby occupied and entertained
  4. Multiple languages are supported in the removable sea turtle station activity center

3. Skip Hop Explore and More Baby’s View 3-Stage Activity Center

Want a jumper that grows with your baby? Why not check out this one from Skip Hop. It has a 360-degree spin seat which is also capable of stretching to allow your baby bounce. It was designed with the aid of a pediatrician, so you can be sure you’re getting an excellent baby product. This jumper takes a whole body approach to helping your baby learn and play.

With the discovery window, your baby can have a view of their feet while playing and learning. This improves your baby’s sensory capabilities to develop special awareness and learning. What’s more? Skip Hop’s jumper comes with system clips that can be used to attach toys anywhere on the activity center.

This jumper is not only easy to assemble, but it is easy to clean, and its legs are removable for easy storage. There’s a foot support platform underneath it that can be adjusted to suit your baby’s height.

Your baby can choose to bounce and play, sit, or swivel on this jumper while taking advantage of the over 25 developmental activities included in it. Lastly, as mentioned earlier, this jumper grows with your baby. As your baby grows and begins to stand on their own, you can convert this jumper to a sturdy play table for playing, coloring, and more as pictured on the right.

Main Features

  1. It has 3 stages of use and converts to a play table as your baby grows
  2. Designed for babies 4 months old or older.
  3. Discovery table with feet and piano view
  4. Musical light-up piano with 3 play modes – song, piano, and motion sensor
  5. Four movable toys are included – peekaboo clouds, swaying stars, etc.

4. Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

With more than 13+ activities to engage in and toys to play with, there’ll be absolutely no boring moments for your baby inside this Disney jumper. All the real Nemo characters are present in this jumper, from Dory to Bruce the friendly shark. These characters are also removable so your baby can go with them and experience the fun of playing with Nemo characters wherever they are.

You won’t need to worry about this jumper becoming useless in a couple of months because its height can be adjusted as your baby grows. A baby jumper wouldn’t be so exciting without lights and music. Thankfully, there’s an integrated tummy toy that lights up and plays ocean-themed tunes when your baby interacts with it.

As the underwater adventure with Nemo characters begins, you’ll watch your baby steer their ship in whatever direction they want thanks to the 360-degree rotating seat, play with their favorite Nemo characters, sea themself in a baby-safe mirror, and delight in dancing lights and sweet songs.

Main Features

  1. Nemo rollerball toy station with sweet ocean sounds and dancing lights
  2. More than 13 engaging activities and toys
  3. Interactive squirt-themed piano
  4. New Buckles with green straps
  5. You can add your baby’s toys to the starfish shaped loop
  6. Characters can be removed so your baby can play anywhere

5. Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser With Super Stand

Whilst there are other jumpers made by Jolly Jumper, this particular one that comes with the super stand is the best (and most expensive) of them all. Jolly Jumper has been in the business of providing physical fitness and fun for babies since 1948. Not a thing has changed regarding the quality of their products.

This jumper combines the best features of other models into one. It has a sturdy frame that is extra tall and folds flat to ease storage and improve portability. Its spring action adds extra bounce to the jumper. This feature is great for more active babies that enjoy harder bounces and greater fun. The saddle seat keep your baby’s posture just right to support their fragile spine while they exercise.

This standing jumper is great for improving your baby’s coordination, balance, rhythm, and strengthening their muscles. You can use it outside or inside your home, so your baby can enjoy the sunrise and sunset with you or have fun playing in the comfort of their home. Moreover, this jumper will suit small and big babies alike, its height can be adjusted, and it can be assembled easily without any need for any tools.

Main Features

  1. It’s a portable baby jumper, easy to store, and perfect for small and big babies
  2. Freestanding, so no need for doorways thanks to the sturdy stand. This stand also makes it possible to use the jumper indoors and outdoors.
  3. It’s safe to use as it supports your baby’s spine and keeps them in the right posture during exercise.
  4. The spring adds more intensity and fun to your baby’s bouncing playtime.

What Are the Types of Jumpers?

When it comes to jumpers, there are 3 options you’re looking at:

  1. Activity center jumpers: These are jumpers designed to not just exercise your baby, but to entertain them as well. They are called activity centers because they include lots of fun activities your baby can engage in. They are also known by their alternate name, exersaucers or saucer jumpers. The first 4 jumpers featured on this page are exersaucers. They are bigger and take up more floor space. Some activity jumpers can also function as walkers, known as baby jumper and walker combo.
  2. Stationary jumpers: I’ll start by saying the 5th jumper on this page is a stationary jumper. It’s similar to a doorway jumper, only that it doesn’t require a doorway and can be used indoors and outdoors. You can also take it along with you for your baby to travel with because it is portable as well.
  3. Doorway or door jumpers: These come with straps that clamp to the frame of your door so the jumper hangs off the door frame. You can’t use them without a doorway, and they are inconvenient if you pass through the same door frequently.

Choosing a Jumper: What to Look For?

  1. Height adjustment options: This is crucial because babies grow, and they grow fast. Without the ability to adjust the height, you may find yourself looking to purchase another jumper in a few months because your baby overgrew the previous one. Height adjustment is also important to ensure proper positioning of your baby’s feet on the floor and to make it comfortable for short babies and tall babies.
  2. Baby age and size limit: This is usually included in the product information every jumper, so take note of that and choose the right one that suits your baby before buying. The size limit will help you determine if it will suit a light or a heavy baby.
  3. Jumper dimensions: Some jumpers take a good amount of space, particularly the activity centers. So be sure you have enough space for the one you intend to buy by checking its product dimensions before making the purchase. Doorway jumpers are the best for small spaces and for moms and dads who want to save space. The ones that come with a stand (stationary jumpers) are also great for small spaces since they can be moved easily and used outdoors.
  4. Easy to clean seat: Whether you like it or not, your baby has the tendency to mess up the seat. The easier it is to clean, the better for you when it inevitably happens. Seats with plastic exterior are easier to sanitize and clean.
  5. Short bungee cord: The longer the bungee cord your baby hangs off, the farther the jumper can swing your baby, which can lead to a higher risk of injury. So, always buy a baby jumper with a shorter one as opposed to longer ones.

How Old Should Your Baby Be Before They Can Play in a Jumper?

It is generally recommended that you wait until your baby can hold their head up firmly with complete neck support before putting them in a baby jumper. This can take up to 3 months, and sometimes longer. Additionally, all baby jumpers have an age limit. Be sure to check the age limit of your jumper before putting your baby in it. For additional safety, please endeavor to read and follow all the manufacturer guidelines.

Safety Considerations for Jumpers

  1. Height adjustment: To check if the height is properly adjusted, look at your baby’s feet. If they are tip-toed or flat on the ground, then you’re doing it wrong.
  2. Duration of use: Whilst jumpers are designed to exercise your baby, help them have fun, strengthen their muscles, and improve their senses, they can also have negative effects on your baby when used too much. Be sure to limit playtime to 15 minutes to avoid these negative outcomes.


Babies love jumpers because they feel free to move around as much as they want when they are in it. You’ll love it too because it will give you the freedom to do what you want while your baby enjoys some fun time. Happy baby, happy life!

Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Camping with Friends Activity Saucer Review Sat, 10 Aug 2019 13:55:55 +0000

It’s not easy to distract babies or keep them entertained for hours. One way or another, their attention will shift away, and they’ll want to play with other exciting toys. Such inconsistent behavior of babies leads their parents to buy a lot of toys for them, and most of these toys stay at the bottom of their toy bucket unused.

What if there is an all-in-one solution to this parenting dilemma? Instead of buying trendy seasonal toys for your baby, why not buy something that can last for months? To that end, the best baby jumpers or activity saucers are the most recommended products for your baby by the leading baby brands.

Introducing Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Camping with Friends Activity Saucer

Disney has been thriving in the industry for almost a century now. They started as an entertainment brand that soon began releasing baby products and baby merch inspired by their characters. 

The character of Mickey prospered alongside Disney as its first project. Over time, Mickey Mouse has changed its appearance, but the adoration that people felt with it remains constant. 


Camping-themed Toys: Disney’s knowledge of the psychology of babies and kids is extensive. They always strive to create the best experience for your baby by understanding their imagination and creativity. 

Just as the product’s name suggests, Disney has designed this activity saucer by following a specific theme of “camping with friends.” The idea is to create an outdoor environment for your baby, which makes them imagine a camping scenario with the toys available at their disposal.

Although creating a real camping scenario in your baby’s developing mind might be a stretch, it does plant the idea there at a young age. The toys are entertaining and keep your baby happy and excited, especially the pull and peek-a-boo Mickey toy. 

Convenient Usage: The notion of comfort and ease isn’t lost on Disney, which is why they made their saucer keeping the needs of parents at the forefront. 

For instance, it offers three height adjustment settings, meaning you can use it longer than other products of the same kind. Furthermore, it gives your baby 360-degree access to all the toys offered by the saucer, which means no toy is deprived of your baby’s attention.

Melodies & Lights: As stated earlier, the saucer follows a camp theme and the melodies included in the saucer’s design highlight that theme as well. The chirping sound of the birds and the tree rustling creates a perfect outdoor camping environment. 

Furthermore, the attractive light combinations are enough to keep your baby engaged and giggling.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Washable seating pad
  • Comfortable


  • Bounce-less
  • Stationary
  • Limited activities

Bottom Line

This activity saucer is perfect for those parents who want to introduce Mickey to their baby. Moreover, if you’re going to make your baby familiar with the concept of camping, then this activity saucer is the perfect product for you. 

Fisher-Price 2-in-1 Sit-to-Stand Activity Center Baby Jumper Review Sat, 10 Aug 2019 13:10:41 +0000

If you are looking to make a profitable investment as a parent, then buy something that can stay with your baby for a long time. But longevity should not be the only standard for you to make a purchase and you should account for utility as well.

Most parents purchase toys for their babies on a whim and do not consider the variables that might help them to bag a fetching deal. Why invest in something that your baby will not pay mind to as they grow up?

That is why activity platforms and baby jumpers are the best baby products in terms of positive yielding investment. Most of the best baby jumpers have an adjustable height feature that grows with your baby and keeps them preoccupied.

One such activity jumper’s review is given below for your guidance.

Introducing Fisher-Price Spin ‘n Play Safari Baby Jumper

Fisher-Price intends to add something new and exciting with their new products every time. They take inspiration from your baby’s imagination and makes their time spent with Fisher-Price’s products worthwhile.

Their sole purpose is to keep your baby happy and refreshed all the time while attending to their growing body’s needs. Spin ‘n Play Safari is one such product that sticks to the ideals of Fisher-Price with their remarkable features.


Dual Playing Function: Most jumpers are mostly for babies who can stand but Spin ‘n Play Safari can be used by babies that have just started sitting up. It can change its appearance and functionality according to the baby’s physical needs. 

For a baby who can only sit, it can turn into an activity station without the legs. Once your baby starts wiggling their toes and crawling, then you can change it into a standing activity station that helps in the development of your baby’s leg muscles.

Convenient Operation: Aside from the 2-in-1 sit-and-stand feature that can be easily changed from operation one to two, this jumper has other services as well. For instance, you can easily remove the legs whenever you want to store the jumper. 

Moreover, it is designed in such a way that your baby has to put in little effort to access all the toys on the platform. Such convenience is facilitated by the 360-degree access of the Spin ‘n Play Safari.

Comfortable Seat Pad: Fisher-Price makes sure that your baby is feeling comfortable while playing around in this jumper. The seat pad is made from 100% polyester, which means you can wash it when it gets dirty.


  • Easily washable
  • Music plays for 20 minutes 
  • Removable legs make it convenient for storage


  • Limited adjustability 
  • Lack of bounce

Bottom Line

If you are tired of buying new toys and crawlers for your baby after every few months, then look to the Fisher-Price brand that has come forth with its exceptional jumper design that facilitates not only a small baby but a growing baby as well.

Once your baby starts standing up, it will be only a matter of a couple of months before they grow out of this baby jumper. Until then, this is all what your baby needs.

Tiny Love Meadow Days “Here I Grow” 4-in-1 Baby Walker & Jumper Review Sat, 10 Aug 2019 12:56:32 +0000

Sometimes your baby needs more than just toys to stay happy and distracted. There is a need that you facilitate the learning process and development of your baby, and the things they interact with daily play a vital role in this pursuit.

The best baby jumpers and activity platforms have evolved from being simple crawlers to something much more beneficial. There are so many baby jumpers available in the market, but not all of them excel in their operation. 

Manufacturers are now trying to incorporate fun and learning activities in their latest activity baby jumper designs. Such efforts are well received by the parents as they see nothing but good in them for their baby.

Tiny Love have also joined the race with their latest crawler and mobile activity center.

Introducing Tiny Love Meadow Days Here Baby Jumper

Tiny Love is no ordinary baby brand. They have been recognized for their exceptional products worldwide. Everywhere, their products are loved by both parents and their babies. 

Love Meadow Days Here is designed to stimulate the learning capabilities of your baby. The primary purpose of the product is to facilitate your child’s development to its maximum capacities.


Facilitates Mental Development: Over time, activity jumpers have grown from just being a distraction for your baby to a complete learning experience. Now, your baby can learn essential body functions while playing around with toys. 

Love Meadow Days Here targets several developmental niches of your baby’s brain that are their senses, creativity, motor skills, language skills, and retention and cognition, etc. They do this by designing their toys and activities in a unique manner to promote mental development.

4-in-1 Functionality: Tiny Love cares about your convenience and your baby’s comfort more than anything else. That is precisely why they have designed their activity jumper to fit your baby’s mood. 

If you don’t want your baby to move around while using this activity center, then you can remove its wheels and make it stationary, and vice versa. You can also turn it into a crawler and jumper to help your baby gain the joy in that extra bounce. 

You can change the operation of this activity center as per your needs by tweaking its design in the simplest way possible.

Assists in Physical Development: The 4-in-1 functionality of their product is much more beneficial than what meets the eyes. It accommodates the physical development of your baby’s legs, neck, and back. 

When your baby puts in their energy to wiggle and crawl, then they are exercising those limp muscles and making them stronger.


  • Exceptional design
  • 20+ activities 
  • Washable & removable seating pad
  • Compact
  • Easy to store


  • Unclear assembling instructions
  • Sharp plastic edges
  • Prone to breakage

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a product that does more than just distracting your baby, then Meadow Days Here should be your pick. It has varied functionality that facilitates the learning process of your baby as well as helps them in their physical development.

Baby Einstein Sea & Discover Door Baby Jumper Review Sat, 10 Aug 2019 12:46:25 +0000

Parenting is not easy, especially when you are doing it for the first time. There are bound to be accidents or mishaps that you’ve narrowly missed to ensure your baby’s safety. Such circumstances mostly arise when you are outdoors with your baby without anything to keep them occupied.

You can’t take a bucket full of toys with you whenever you go out. It is essential that you pack lightly and wisely. An activity Door Jumper is the ultimate solution for parents around the world. They are easy to carry around and are designed in such a way that your baby’s attention will not waver, which means minimum chances for them to run into danger.

Introducing Baby Einstein Sea & Discover Door Jumper

Baby Einstein aims to target the curious nature of babies. They believe that the future lies within the imagination of the minds of young ones. What these curious beings learn at their young age is how they will interpret the world in the future.

That is why their imagination needs assistance, which Baby Einstein provide with their thematic activity jumpers, such as the sea & discovery baby door jumper, which is one of the best baby jumpers available.


Safe & Secure Installation: Parents are always wary of activity door jumpers as they think that their babies might fall from it because of its peculiar design. A good door jumper is no different than a ground jumper when it comes to attractions and safety.

Baby Einstein’s sea & discover door jumper needs no tool, which means you can install it directly with a clip-on. The clip-on might raise some safety concerns in your mind but don’t pay heed to them as Baby Einstein guarantees the safety of your baby at any cost.

Sea-themed Toys: If you want your baby to be familiar with the wonders of the sea or if your baby is already fascinated by the sea, then this activity door jumper is a fetching purchase for you. It has a total of six toys enough to keep your baby distracted and fascinated for hours. 

Furthermore, there is no door jumper bouncier than this baby jumper. The extra bounce of this jumper keeps your baby’s legs moving, which helps in the development of your baby’s leg muscles.

Easy to Use: If you are cautious about the hygiene of the things your baby touches, then Baby Einstein entertains your concerns with their washable jumper. You can also carry it with you whenever you go outside because of its lightweight and easy-to-install mechanics. 


  • Lightweight
  • Extra bouncy
  • No tools required for installation


  • Limited toy range
  • Lack of size adjustability 
  • Much higher from the ground

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a baby jumper that is portable, then the Sea & Discover activity door jumper is the right choice for you. Its chief feature is its extra bounce which keeps your baby excited and happy while simultaneously providing stimulation for their wiggling feet. 

Skip Hop Explore & More Baby Jumper (with Bouncer Counter) Review Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:58:18 +0000

The early days of your baby’s life are crucial for their development. It is the prime time for their muscles and brain development, and they understand the basic functionality of their body. 

This is the perfect time for you to think about the ways to facilitate their healthy upbringing. Most parents actively look for learning activities and educational toys to prepare their babies for their practical school life. 

But there is one thing that outweighs all the other toys, and that is an efficient activity jumper. If you are familiar with the product, then you might know how it can solve most of your parenting problems instantly. (See the top 5 best baby jumpers here).

Introducing Skip Hop Explore & More Baby Jumper

Skip Hop is more than just a company that manufactures quality activity jumpers for your baby. They are an established brand that have built its reputation after decades of hard work. Their reach of expertise is varied, and they are the go-to company for most parents whenever they want to buy something for their baby.


Developmental Activities: Skip Hop prioritizes your baby’s entertainment and development above everything else. It is because of this very reason that they have merged these two concepts to fashion their new product, Explore & More Baby Jumper. 

This jumper offers more than 20 fun and learning activities to your baby, which not only keeps them distracted but excited as well. It further makes sure that your baby is enjoying their time while lounging in this jumper. 

Moreover, the concept of learning is fully implemented with the toys hanging around which your baby can access through its 360-degrees swivel. 

Certified for Safety: Explore & More Baby Jumper is designed while keeping some of the most common parent concerns on the desk. There are no sharp plastic edges and screws sticking out of it to scratch or harm your baby’s skin. Furthermore, it has an apt bounce landing that can cushion the rebound of your baby efficiently.

Skip Hop is unrivaled when it comes to safety and caution as they have followed ASTM F20210 Safety Standards to manufacture this jumper. Its safety claim is further certified by JPMA.

Advanced Functioning: Skip Hop Explore & More Jumper offers ten times more fun than any other jumper. Apart from adding the essential glam of a jumper with colorful lights and pleasant music, it tracks your baby’s every jump and rewards them with a celebratory applaud once they reach 100 jumps.


  • Usage tracker for parents
  • Easy to store
  • Certified
  • Advanced activity operation


  • Lack of durability
  • The strap cannot support your baby’s weight


Although this jumper from Skip Hop has been certified for its safety, it lacks in strength. For instance, its strap cannot efficiently support your baby’s weight and might break at some point. This is the only drawback in this product but is one that you should consider before purchasing.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Woodland Wonder Lightweight Activity Baby Jumper Review Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:46:23 +0000

If you are worried about the development of your baby and are always seeking new ways to stimulate the said process, then your search ends here. 

Activity baby jumpers are the best product for your baby as they allow your baby to do more than entertaining themselves. 

They are a gateway to endless learning experiences, both physically and mentally. 

Although buying the best baby jumper is the most recommended for a growing baby, but that doesn’t mean all baby jumpers are efficient. 

You might have to dig deeper to find the right one for your baby, and we hope that our review might help you in some way. 

Introducing the Evenflo Exersaucer Lightweight Activity Jumper

Evenflo’s legacy has been going strong for the past 100 years. They know what they are manufacturing and how it can impact their customers’ daily lives.

ExerSaucer is their way of introducing a range of activity jumpers that prioritizes the process of learning and development more than the entertainment.


Learning Activities: Evenflo ExerSaucer knows how important it is for your baby to grow in a simulated environment. That’s why they have included toys that will make your baby learn new motor skills every day. Your baby will be able to determine cause and effect by using some of its stretchable toys along with body coordination.

Every activity and toy that is part of this activity station plays a vital role in the development process of your baby. Furthermore, it leaves a comfortable room for your baby to roam around and work those tiny legs for muscle development.

Exceptional Design: Unlike most jumpers, Evenflo ExerSaucer has kept their jumper’s design minimal and aims for a sense of elegance. If you are not a fan of those chaotic jumper designs and want to control the selection of the toys that your baby gets to play with, then this Evenflo jumper might be tailored just for you. 

It is made from wood that can match perfectly well with your house interior. This quality makes it more than just a jumper and ascends its status to a sleek furniture piece.

Enhanced Utility: Evenflo ExerSaucer makes sure that their light jumper is reciprocating your baby’s energy efficiently. Every bounce and every wiggle of your baby’s body is registered by this jumper, which means it makes sure that your baby is well attended under Activity Jumper’s care.

Evenflo claims that your baby will not feel restrained while using this product as the jumper is designed to accommodate them in more than one way. Its 360-degree chair swivel is the most praised feature as it gives your baby the freedom that he or she demands while keeping them secure in their place.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Minimalistic design
  • Learning activities


  • Prone to breakage
  • Subjects your baby to potential danger
  • Bunny toy included in it is not baby-friendly

Bottom Line

The elegance of this baby jumper’s design makes it an instant hit in the eyes of those parents that are always worried about aesthetics. But the product’s lack of durability puts it at a disadvantage among other baby jumpers.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jam Session Stationary Jumper Review Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:34:52 +0000

If the latest toy that you bought for your baby isn’t enough to keep them distracted, then it’s time to look for an alternative. 

Activity baby jumpers are the perfect replacement to keep your baby entertained and distracted, but that’s not only it. They also provide learning opportunities for your baby and facilitates their development process as well. 

Once you buy the best baby jumper for your baby, then that means you are providing an all-in-one toy for them that has the potential to become their lasting companion. 

Finding the right baby jumper for your baby is difficult, but this review might help you make the best purchase. 

Introducing the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jam Session Stationary Jumper

Evenflo is a leading brand that’s meticulously adding jumpers in their ExerSaucer series to facilitate all parents. Their sole purpose is to make a parent’s life easier through their thoughtfully designed products.


Establishes a Learning Environment: It is essential that you provide your young one learning opportunities every crawl of their early days. One way to do this is to establish a learning environment for them, which is possible by making them play with stimulation toys. 

This way, your baby will be able to differentiate between colors and recognize the shape. Moreover, they’ll be able to develop a sense of right and wrong through trial and error while playing with these toys.

Increased and Safe Bounce: Your baby’s mental development goes hand in hand with their physical growth. You cannot neglect one while hyping the other as the results will be disastrous for your baby. Evenflo pay special attention to such circumstances as they care about the overall development of your baby. 

This baby jumper is designed to facilitate your baby’s every bounce and jump, which can help the muscle development of your baby. The leg muscles of your baby won’t develop if they are not given the right stimulation and exercise. 

Ease in Access & Usage: This baby jumper is built to help your baby develop properly, but that won’t be possible if your baby is not comfortable in it. Keeping this in mind, Evenflo has given your baby 360-degree access to all their activities inclusive of physical and learning ones. 

Your baby won’t feel tired and strained while jumping round in this jumper. If they do, it will be because of their physical exhaustion and not because of the discomfort caused by this product. It also has three positions of height adjustability, which means one can use it more than just for three or four months. 

Wide Range of Activities: Evenflo ExerSaucer have made their baby jumper as per the recent trends and introduced music and lights in some of its toys. There are around 67 activities that can grasp your baby’s attention for hours and can work their brain towards productivity.


  • Washable seat pad
  • Safe bounce landing
  • Entertains mental stimulation
  • Assists Physical Development 


  • Some toys are potentially harmful.
  • Limited usage time

Bottom Line

This model in the ExerSaucer is ideal for those who want a wide range of learning activities and toys for their baby. It’d definitely be a great buy for the money for any parent that purchases it.

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea Party Baby Jumper Review Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:23:03 +0000

Parenting is not an easy job, especially when your baby’s interests are not defined. They want things that attract them, and it doesn’t matter what those things look like. They can be anything from a broken toy to a colorful ribbon. 

In such circumstances, you might wonder what to get for your little one that keeps them entertained and distracted while you attend to other matters. 

Activity jumpers are the newest trends that can kill two birds in one stone. They receive your baby’s excitement wholeheartedly and keep them amused for hours. (See the top 5 best baby jumpers here).

Introducing the Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea Party Baby Jumper

Evenflo has been around for over a century now and they strive to assist every parent that uses their products in one way or another. Evenflo ExerSaucer is an activity baby jumper series through which Evenflo has tried to help parents and also appeal to their baby’s wishes. 


Height Adjustable Design: Evenflo knows what problems a parent faces in their baby’s earlier days when the baby can’t walk or talk. The most common problem among them is not being able to use height-related products, and jumpers fall into this category. 

These are products specifically designed for your babies when they are in a growing stage, but no need to fret as Evenflo has made ExerSaucer Bounce and Learn Sweet Tea Party adjustable to three different heights.

Physical Exercise: As stated earlier, the growing stage of a baby is fragile, and if their needs are not attended to, then this process might be hindered. Evenflo understands such peculiarities and hence they’ve designed their Sweet Tea Party baby jumper as per a growing baby’s physical needs.

It facilitates your baby’s wiggling legs and makes sure that your baby’s muscles are developing correctly. 

Develops Mental Capabilities: The development of a baby’s mental skills is as important as their physical capabilities. Evenflo knows that well. They have included toys and activities that can stimulate your baby’s learning capabilities as well as keep them entertained. 

The toys it has included facilitate your baby’s motor skills and makes them aware of their every action as they learn the repercussions of their every move. The colorful and uniqueness of each toy enables them to identify different colors and recognize patterns in the available activities.

Convenient to Use: If you are not a fan of cleaning, then this baby jumper might be the most suitable product to buy for your baby. It has a removable bouncing pad that you can easily wash in the machine or by hand. No need to see your baby bounce around in a dirty jumper just because it requires effort for you to clean. 


  • Facilitates mental development 
  • Accommodates physical learning 
  • Easy to clean
  • Enough room to explore


  • Size restriction
  • Sharp plastic edges 
  • Unsafe

Bottom Line

If you want your baby to learn new things while playing around, then this product is for you. But be aware of the sharp edges mentioned in the cons.

Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center Review Fri, 09 Aug 2019 20:14:35 +0000

Baby walkers, just like the best baby jumpers, have been made to help babies take their very first steps. These are very helpful, as not only do these help babies learn to stand but walkers also help strengthen the leg muscles of a baby and develop a sense of balance in them. They allow your baby to run around without the danger of falling down. However, with so many models present in the market these days, choosing the right one can be a difficult task. We have reviewed one of the best 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center walker to make the choice easier for you.

Key features of the 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center

  • The seat is 360 degree rotatable so your baby can easily play with toys
  • Dimensions: 27.9 x 13.7 x 21.7 inches, weight: 18.2 pounds
  • More than 15 activities to keep your baby busy
  • The height of the unit is adjustable

Bright Starts 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center review

The 3-in-1 Around We Go Activity Center is a great choice for parents who are not only looking for a simple walker but also something that will keep the baby busy and happy.  The unit features more than 15 activities that are bound to keep your baby engaged at all times. It also features a piano that will keep your baby entertained with music as well.

Now let’s talk about the build quality of the walker. It features some impressive safety measures that will keep your baby safe. The sturdy and robust frame of the unit makes it very durable as well. Furthermore, it is also possible to remove the seat from the unit to allow your baby to play while standing. The walker is best suited for babies that are aged 6 months or older. This is because before 6 months, the leg muscles of a baby have not been properly developed, hence the baby won’t be able to adjust in the walker. Also, this might cause problems with hip development of the baby.

One of the best features of the unit is that its height is adjustable. Hence, as your baby grows, you can adjust the height levels of the walker as well. Also, the whole unit is very easy to assemble and clean. You can simply clean the activity center as well as the walker seat with the swipe of a wet cloth. 

Overall, it is a great unit and you will simply fall in love with the way it will keep your baby happy and constantly exploring. The safety features will allow you to remain stress free regarding the safety of the baby. The unit is not only loved by parents, but by babies as well!


  • Comes with a variety of toys ad activities
  • Features safety measures to ensure your baby does not trip over
  • Has a sturdy and durable frame
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The unit is a bit bulky