Evenflo ExerSaucer Woodland Wonder Lightweight Activity Baby Jumper Review

If you are worried about the development of your baby and are always seeking new ways to stimulate the said process, then your search ends here. 

Activity baby jumpers are the best product for your baby as they allow your baby to do more than entertaining themselves. 

They are a gateway to endless learning experiences, both physically and mentally. 

Although buying the best baby jumper is the most recommended for a growing baby, but that doesn’t mean all baby jumpers are efficient. 

You might have to dig deeper to find the right one for your baby, and we hope that our review might help you in some way. 

Introducing the Evenflo Exersaucer Lightweight Activity Jumper

Evenflo’s legacy has been going strong for the past 100 years. They know what they are manufacturing and how it can impact their customers’ daily lives.

ExerSaucer is their way of introducing a range of activity jumpers that prioritizes the process of learning and development more than the entertainment.


Learning Activities: Evenflo ExerSaucer knows how important it is for your baby to grow in a simulated environment. That’s why they have included toys that will make your baby learn new motor skills every day. Your baby will be able to determine cause and effect by using some of its stretchable toys along with body coordination.

Every activity and toy that is part of this activity station plays a vital role in the development process of your baby. Furthermore, it leaves a comfortable room for your baby to roam around and work those tiny legs for muscle development.

Exceptional Design: Unlike most jumpers, Evenflo ExerSaucer has kept their jumper’s design minimal and aims for a sense of elegance. If you are not a fan of those chaotic jumper designs and want to control the selection of the toys that your baby gets to play with, then this Evenflo jumper might be tailored just for you. 

It is made from wood that can match perfectly well with your house interior. This quality makes it more than just a jumper and ascends its status to a sleek furniture piece.

Enhanced Utility: Evenflo ExerSaucer makes sure that their light jumper is reciprocating your baby’s energy efficiently. Every bounce and every wiggle of your baby’s body is registered by this jumper, which means it makes sure that your baby is well attended under Activity Jumper’s care.

Evenflo claims that your baby will not feel restrained while using this product as the jumper is designed to accommodate them in more than one way. Its 360-degree chair swivel is the most praised feature as it gives your baby the freedom that he or she demands while keeping them secure in their place.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Minimalistic design
  • Learning activities


  • Prone to breakage
  • Subjects your baby to potential danger
  • Bunny toy included in it is not baby-friendly

Bottom Line

The elegance of this baby jumper’s design makes it an instant hit in the eyes of those parents that are always worried about aesthetics. But the product’s lack of durability puts it at a disadvantage among other baby jumpers.