Evenflo Exersaucer Owl Doorway Baby Jumper Review

The Evenflo Exersaucer owl baby door jumper is a unique door jumper from the stables of the ever popular Evenflo brand. You can’t miss that brand while looking for jumpers for your baby. They are right there with Fisher-Price in terms of quality and they’ve done a good job over the years. I’ve had some of their products so I speak from experience.

As you know, baby jumpers stimulate your baby by encouraging them to jump for fun. Evenflo focuses on that and so this jumper is designed to encourage your baby to jump as much as possible. There are benefits to jumping, so the more your baby jumps, the more they develop and the better their health. This baby jumper from Evenflo is a complete entertainment hub for you. It doesn’t come with all the fancy toys and activities that you can find in an activity center because it’s just a doorway jumper, but it has the added advantage of not taking up any floor space, so your floor is completely free while it’s in use.

Safety is very important in the best baby jumpers and it’s one of the things parents consider while looking contemplating whether to get a jumper or not. I’m glad to let you know that this jumper takes safety seriously, that’s why it has a framed seat that completely surrounds your child. The framed seat provides not just safety but comfort as well. Another safety measure is the sturdy door-frame clamp which provides added safety to your child. It fits securely to your child, so they won’t have any accidents.

Like I mentioned earlier, Evenflo is very serious about safety. They also included a fully-enclosed spring in the jumper. The premise behind this is to prevent your child from touching it. There’s no point buying a jumper for your baby when you can’t leave them in it with complete confidence that playtime will go smoothly.

Many parents buy baby jumpers so they can put their baby in a place where they are not only secure, but can play as well, while the parent goes ahead to do something else with their time. You know, babies can be huge distractions sometimes. So, 100% safety is a big plus for this jumper, for your baby and you, as you’ll have no need to worry about your baby falling off or getting injured.

Where do babies play? The simple answer is everywhere. They are not limited by location. As a result, you’ll want to buy a jumper you can easily take along with you on trips just in case your baby needs it. Thankfully, this Evenflo baby jumper can be packed easily, so you can take it with you anywhere.

It’s all well and good buying a jumper and watching your baby play with delight, but one thing is certain – they could have a diaper explosion, and this might happen while they are having fun jumping and bouncing. That’s not something to worry about though, since this baby jumper is easy to wipe clean after use. This jumper weighs just 2.7 pounds and your purchase is covered by Evenflo’s express limited warranty.

Main Features

  1. Designed for 3-6 inches thick doorways with 1/2 inch wide door trims
  2. Your child is completely surrounded by the frame seat
  3. Straps can be adjusted, and jumper is perfect for boys and girls alike
  4. Fully enclosed spring and machine washable seat

User Review

It was really easy to set up and did not require any assembly. My baby loves the freedom it gives her to get a better view of her environment. She dislikes being in a crib, and she’s really curious about her surroundings. She’s gradually learning about the way her legs work and how to move with the jumper. It’s a purchase I won’t regret.