Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Camping with Friends Activity Saucer Review

It’s not easy to distract babies or keep them entertained for hours. One way or another, their attention will shift away, and they’ll want to play with other exciting toys. Such inconsistent behavior of babies leads their parents to buy a lot of toys for them, and most of these toys stay at the bottom of their toy bucket unused.

What if there is an all-in-one solution to this parenting dilemma? Instead of buying trendy seasonal toys for your baby, why not buy something that can last for months? To that end, the best baby jumpers or activity saucers are the most recommended products for your baby by the leading baby brands.

Introducing Disney Baby Mickey Mouse Camping with Friends Activity Saucer

Disney has been thriving in the industry for almost a century now. They started as an entertainment brand that soon began releasing baby products and baby merch inspired by their characters. 

The character of Mickey prospered alongside Disney as its first project. Over time, Mickey Mouse has changed its appearance, but the adoration that people felt with it remains constant. 


Camping-themed Toys: Disney’s knowledge of the psychology of babies and kids is extensive. They always strive to create the best experience for your baby by understanding their imagination and creativity. 

Just as the product’s name suggests, Disney has designed this activity saucer by following a specific theme of “camping with friends.” The idea is to create an outdoor environment for your baby, which makes them imagine a camping scenario with the toys available at their disposal.

Although creating a real camping scenario in your baby’s developing mind might be a stretch, it does plant the idea there at a young age. The toys are entertaining and keep your baby happy and excited, especially the pull and peek-a-boo Mickey toy. 

Convenient Usage: The notion of comfort and ease isn’t lost on Disney, which is why they made their saucer keeping the needs of parents at the forefront. 

For instance, it offers three height adjustment settings, meaning you can use it longer than other products of the same kind. Furthermore, it gives your baby 360-degree access to all the toys offered by the saucer, which means no toy is deprived of your baby’s attention.

Melodies & Lights: As stated earlier, the saucer follows a camp theme and the melodies included in the saucer’s design highlight that theme as well. The chirping sound of the birds and the tree rustling creates a perfect outdoor camping environment. 

Furthermore, the attractive light combinations are enough to keep your baby engaged and giggling.


  • Impressive battery life
  • Washable seating pad
  • Comfortable


  • Bounce-less
  • Stationary
  • Limited activities

Bottom Line

This activity saucer is perfect for those parents who want to introduce Mickey to their baby. Moreover, if you’re going to make your baby familiar with the concept of camping, then this activity saucer is the perfect product for you.