Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Jumper Review

For every parent, moments like the first step, the first word, and the first crawl are some of the most precious memories. Every day is an adventure with your baby as you navigate the peculiarities of the parenthood. 

The most exciting thing about this stage of your life is the shopping you’ll do for your little one. Weighing down all the pros and cons of the product and how it will accommodate your baby is easily the most daunting yet fun task. 

If your baby has just started to wiggle out of the comfort zone, then you might want to facilitate their curiosity with an apt companion. (See all the best baby jumpers here)

Introducing Bright Starts’ Bounce Bounce Baby Jumper

Bright Starts sole mission is to make parenting fun with their stimulation products. Every step or crawl of your kid is destined to be filled with comfort and ease if you buy the right products for your baby. 

One such product is the bounce bounce baby jumper that is ideal for an active and snoopy baby. It keeps them happy and sidetracked from your business and routine for a while.

Main Features

Adjustable Height

The most troubling aspect of parenting is buying exciting products, yet not being able to use them for more than a few months. Babies are subjected to growing up with each passing day, and that’s how they keep everyone excited around them.

During such times, parents would do anything to keep the products they bought for their babies usable for some more time. Bounce Bounce Baby is designed to fulfill such expectations as it offers 3 points to adjust the height.

Once you buy this, you can rest assured that it will stay with your baby longer than its previous toys.

Impressive Bouncing Pad

Bright Starts’ has made sure that your baby’s energy is translated well as they bounce around in this jumper. It has a unique bounce pad that facilitates your baby’s bouncing and ensures that they are not hurt in any way while playing around. 

Varied Toy Selection

This can easily be considered as the highlight of this product. If not for you, then definitely for your baby. There are stimulating and exciting toys hanging around this activity platform, and your baby can reach them conveniently because of the jumper’s 360-degree turn. 

You can attach more toys on it as it has empty spaces left for further looping around it.

Easy to Clean

There wouldn’t have been any use of this product as a long-term companion if it didn’t offer the ease in cleaning it up. Its seat pad is washable, and so are the toys, which means you don’t have to worry about hygiene.


  • A perfect distraction
  • Grows with your kid
  • Increased toy accessibility
  • Washable seat pad


  • Stationary jumper
  • Limited activities

Bottom Line

Bright Starts’ activity platform is the all-in-one solution to keep your baby happy and busy. It is suitable for babies over four months and offers three different height adjustments, which is more than one could ask for in an activity platform!