Baby Einstein Sea & Discover Door Baby Jumper Review

Parenting is not easy, especially when you are doing it for the first time. There are bound to be accidents or mishaps that you’ve narrowly missed to ensure your baby’s safety. Such circumstances mostly arise when you are outdoors with your baby without anything to keep them occupied.

You can’t take a bucket full of toys with you whenever you go out. It is essential that you pack lightly and wisely. An activity Door Jumper is the ultimate solution for parents around the world. They are easy to carry around and are designed in such a way that your baby’s attention will not waver, which means minimum chances for them to run into danger.

Introducing Baby Einstein Sea & Discover Door Jumper

Baby Einstein aims to target the curious nature of babies. They believe that the future lies within the imagination of the minds of young ones. What these curious beings learn at their young age is how they will interpret the world in the future.

That is why their imagination needs assistance, which Baby Einstein provide with their thematic activity jumpers, such as the sea & discovery baby door jumper, which is one of the best baby jumpers available.


Safe & Secure Installation: Parents are always wary of activity door jumpers as they think that their babies might fall from it because of its peculiar design. A good door jumper is no different than a ground jumper when it comes to attractions and safety.

Baby Einstein’s sea & discover door jumper needs no tool, which means you can install it directly with a clip-on. The clip-on might raise some safety concerns in your mind but don’t pay heed to them as Baby Einstein guarantees the safety of your baby at any cost.

Sea-themed Toys: If you want your baby to be familiar with the wonders of the sea or if your baby is already fascinated by the sea, then this activity door jumper is a fetching purchase for you. It has a total of six toys enough to keep your baby distracted and fascinated for hours. 

Furthermore, there is no door jumper bouncier than this baby jumper. The extra bounce of this jumper keeps your baby’s legs moving, which helps in the development of your baby’s leg muscles.

Easy to Use: If you are cautious about the hygiene of the things your baby touches, then Baby Einstein entertains your concerns with their washable jumper. You can also carry it with you whenever you go outside because of its lightweight and easy-to-install mechanics. 


  • Lightweight
  • Extra bouncy
  • No tools required for installation


  • Limited toy range
  • Lack of size adjustability 
  • Much higher from the ground

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a baby jumper that is portable, then the Sea & Discover activity door jumper is the right choice for you. Its chief feature is its extra bounce which keeps your baby excited and happy while simultaneously providing stimulation for their wiggling feet.