Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Baby Jumper Review

Babies are curious beings with endless energy packed in their little body. This energy becomes impossible to handle, especially when they are growing up and learning new things every day. 

These are the times when they demand your full attention and keep you on your toes all the time. No matter how much you are excited about your parenting experience, there might come a point when you want to keep them distracted. 

That is why buying an activity platform that not only facilitates their growing body but also keeps them happy and distracted is just the right way to do things.  (See all the best baby jumpers here)

Introducing the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein strives to keep your baby happy and satisfied with their remarkable toy series. They believe that your little ones deserve only the best, hence they pay extra mind to the smallest of details in their products.

Their Neighborhood Friends Activity jumper is no exception as it is undeniably the aptest activity jumper you can find for your baby. It accommodates your baby’s curiosity and returns the energy they expel in ten folds through their exciting toy range.

Main Features

Wide Range of Activity

The chief purpose of buying an activity jumper is to keep your little one entertained when you are away doing your daily chores. It is no secret that babies have a short attention span, and they get bored quickly, and it is hard to keep them distracted.

That is why Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends activity jumper is the best activity platform you can acquire for your baby. It has three different activity station and a total of 12+ activities that are more than enough to entertain your baby when you are away.

Impressive Flexibility

Three different activity stations won’t have been any good if your baby isn’t able to access them. That is why Baby Einstein has designed their activity jumper with 360-degree swiveling ease. This means your baby can easily access all available activities without straining their body.

Height Adjustability

A parent’s nightmare is buying something useful or exciting yet locking it up in the store after a while. This is because their baby’s size doesn’t permit them to fit in that product. That is why parents actively look for products that can accommodate their baby’s whims at least more than six months.

Baby Einstein has heard the complaints of such parents and introduced the height adjustability feature in their activity jumper. One can adjust its height for up to 5 marks without any consequences.


  • Easy to clean
  • 12+ activities
  • Increased accessibility
  • Size flexibility
  • Pronounced bounce


  • Possible injury because of the rotating chair
  • Less padding
  • Requires regular battery change

Bottom Line

If you are looking for something that keeps your baby amused and preoccupied, then Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends activity jumper is the perfect product for you. The number of activities it offers is more than any other activity platform, which makes it already a better activity jumper than others. Not only this, you can include toys of your baby’s choice in the vacant loops too.